Art Talk is the cornerstone of The MAC’s educational programming and has remained free and open to the public for over 20 years, thanks to generous funds provided by the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs. Art Talk is an invitational lecture series dedicated to hosting talks by local, national, and international artists, curators, and patrons. Those participating in Art Talk typically have a current exhibition at The MAC. The lectures offer supplemental material to the exhibitions, allowing viewers to get the most out of the work through exploring the minds and processes of artists. Art Talk lectures support the role of contemporary artists in society, providing a setting in which questions are encouraged. Having a platform to talk about, and engage with, exhibited work in unique ways encourages critical thinking on the part of both the artist and audience.

Art Talk programming extends beyond lectures to encompass collaborative educational initiatives. This includes performances and film screenings, followed by Q&A to clarify complex themes. This interdisciplinary approach garners a wider appreciation of artistic practices.