The MAC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization that stands as an advocate for creative freedom, presenting visual art in all its forms. It supports emerging to established local, regional and international artists by offering the opportunity for exhibition and experimentation and by providing a forum for critical dialogue.

In the summer of 2015, The MAC moved from its home of twenty years on McKinney Avenue to 1601 South Ervay St in the Cedars neighborhood. After over two years of adventurous programming in the unrenovated raw warehouse at 1601 South Ervay, The MAC will open our new exhibition space, oncampus at 1503 South Ervay St. The 2,500 sq.ft. facility is located at the corner of S. Ervay and Sullivan, next door to Ro2 Art.


On Saturday, January 12 The MAC celebrated a new chapter in its 24-year history, opening its doors to the public at 1503 S Ervay St for the first time. The inaugural exhibitions Working Groups and Independence, presented seven North Texas-based artists, reestablishing the institution’s long-held role in supporting local artists.





Since opening on McKinney Avenue in 1994 as the first venue in North Texas where contemporary art of all disciplines could be explored under one roof, The MAC has presented art on a human scale, striving to make the challenging world of contemporary art relevant and accessible to new and continuing audiences. With exhibitions from regional, national, and international contemporary artists, The MAC has set an extraordinary record of presenting over thirteen hundred artists in the galleries, including our annual membership exhibition. In 2012, The MAC welcomed more than 14,000 visitors to the gallery, making it home to some of the most inspiring, challenging and riveting art in Dallas and North Texas.

The MAC’s new home in the Cedars is easily accessible by rail, bus, or car – conveniently located 0.3 miles from DART Cedars Station.