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Come Visit Us June 27 – Our Last Public Day in Uptown!

June 27 Last Day Uptown

It’s time! Time for our next new chapter! Out last public day at the blue building in Uptown is here – June 27. Stop by, see the exhibitions and say goodbye to our old friend.

But this is not a wake, this is not a sad occasion (bittersweet perhaps); this is a celebration of 20 great years and a new beginning in a new location in the Cedars.

We will be a virtual artspace for awhile, while the new physical space is being renovated. What this means, we are defining day by day. But great things are happening and we want all of you to continue to be a part.

We will continue to be on Facebook, the web, in email, on the other social platforms. Keep in touch, stay connected. New developments weekly!

So stop by on Saturday if you can – for old times sake and for new times.

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