Daniel-Kayne, Mine...Mine...

Daniel-Kayne Art Talk – 05/19/12

3:00-4:00pm: Daniel-Kayne will discuss his current exhibition, Mine…Mine…

Daniel-Kayne, Mine...Mine..., installation detail
Daniel-Kayne, Mine...Mine..., installation detail

Daniel-Kayne, a Houston based performance and installation artist, will exhibit Mine…Mine… in the New Works Space gallery. Mine…Mine… is a response to the notion of claiming ownership over natural resources. Kayne explores the struggle to attain fresh water in under-developed countries. Without a sustainable fresh water plan, the citizens of these countries suffer the consequences as their population expands. To delineate this imbalance, Kayne employs percentages as a visual tool. Fresh water is represented by the amount of water in the human body and the remaining percentage by human ash. Kayne’s motivations are multi-faceted. He seeks to inspire consciousness in our society to benefit not only the environment but humanity as a whole.

Daniel-Kayne studied painting at The Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and continued his artistic education through an installation/painting residency at the New York School of Visual Arts in 2006. In 2009, Kayne completed a residency with the Texan French Alliance for the Arts in Paris, France. After returning to Houston in 2010, Kayne has been involved in performance, installation, and sculptural projects at Diverse Works Art Space, The Orange Show and Deborah Colton Gallery. Recently, Kayne was involved in the design for a Texan French Alliance for the Arts project titled Notre Soleil located in Lyon, France. Notre Soleil, a 46 meter circumference sculpture and Earth permanent public art work, focuses on interacting and involving the children of Centre Léon Bérard Hospital in Lyon, France.

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