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Closing: On the Surface

Curator’s tour w/ Consuelo Gutierrez
+ Performance by Ancient Futures
Sat, Mar 7, 6-8 PM
6 PM – Chat with exhibition curator, Consuelo Gutierrez about the texturally and visually rich On the Surface.
7:30 PM – emergent-ambient soundscapes by Ancient Futures
Light refreshments will be served
Inspired by the building blocks of synthesis, Ancient Futures creates emergent-ambient soundscapes reminiscent of classic sci-fi soundtracks.
Hardware engineer, Shane Culp, builds his own instruments by combining classic circuits from the 60s and 70s in novel ways to create sounds for today.
Shane is augmented by Gavin Decuir and Josh Eager, who compliment his primal sounds with digital technology.
This creates a dichotomy between the past and an unknown future.

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