Mary Benedicto, V moom V video still

Mary Benedicto

Mary Benedicto, V moom V video still
Mary Benedicto, V moom V video still

The MAC’s third exhibition with Ro2 Art features Dallas artist Mary Benedicto. Benedicto creates in many media and is talented in many deciplines. As well as a visual artist, she is a musician with an forceful interest in experimental music and sound. As a visual artist, Benedicto creates in traditional media of paint on canvas and board, but also creates sculptures in bright and intensely colored modern polymers. And as a video artist, her work featured in this exhibition, she explores the medium using experimental imagery and techniques, in the modern traditon of 20th century experimental film.

“Drawing from a greater awareness of mass architecture, V moom V is made by a series of operations of chance. This is a guided process of intuition and accumulative thought. Here, pattern acts as an interpretation of the process and visually manifests itself.”
-Mary Benedicto

Mary Benedicto’s video, V moom V  is in collaboration with Ro2 and the exhibition Memoirs by Kevin Lewis Fougerousse.

When and Where
Friday, March 4 7-10pm
Aloft Hotel Downtown Dallas
1033 Young St.
Dallas,TX 75320

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