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The MAC is pleased to announce that it will be hosting our 25th Annual Membership Exhibition

For this significant edition, we invite members of The MAC and the wider art community to contemplate the significance of an organization/artspace that has acted as a springboard for local artists, propelling their careers to new heights since their initial exhibitions at The MAC. It has provided a platform for innovative shows that fostered experimentation and critical dialogue. Moreover, we urge you to reflect on The MAC as a welcoming haven, offering remarkable programming that features not only our esteemed Texas legends but also internationally renowned artists like Kara Walker, Jaume Plensa, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, and countless others—all without charging admission throughout its existence.

If you are an artist who has showcased your work at The MAC—or if you are an artist seeking an opportunity to exhibit—this call for artists is tailored specifically for you.

Last year, The MAC witnessed a remarkable convergence of its members, filled with renewed hope and a shared passion for art, as they contributed their creations to the organization’s Annual Membership Exhibition. Over a hundred artists showcased their works across various mediums, celebrating unity and the return to their artistic endeavors. In 2023, our society finds itself grappling with numerous impactful events that undoubtedly dominate our collective consciousness, making it seemingly difficult to find solace. However, at The MAC, we have always strived to curate exhibitions that help us comprehend the current times through artistic expressions. Conversely, we also provide opportunities for artists to transport us to extraordinary realms, where ideas can be exchanged, exquisite artworks can be appreciated, and visitors can experience a profound sense of presence within the gallery’s walls.

The MAC invites you to join us for the 25th Annual Membership Exhibition. This annual show is one of the cornerstones of the spirit and mission of The MAC. It provides a meeting point, a place for creative expression, and an exciting survey of the art from the North Texas Region.

The MAC Membership Exhibition also serves as the kick-off of the organization’s membership campaign. At this time, we look inward to the community we serve in consideration of our programming, but also for the support we must have to continue and grow. The MAC offers a variety of options for members to support the organization.


25th Annual Membership Exhibition

July 22nd – September 16th 2023

Opening reception Saturday, July 22,

6-9 PM

Showing your art is easy!

  1. Become a member – starting at $50 ($30 for students). Join on our website or when you drop-off your art.
  2. Submit one artwork.
  3. Drop-off between June 21- July 17th.
  4. Bring a completed Loan Agreement form for speedy drop-off, available here.
  5. 2-D and 3-D art must be no greater than 18-inches in any dimension. Videos must be single-channel and under 5-minutes.
  6. Art must be display ready!
  7. Label it. Include name, title, date, medium, dimensions/duration.
  8. Mark your calendar! Art pick-up is from Monday, September 18th through Saturday, September 23rd from 12-5pm.

Questions? Please contact sadie@the-mac.org or jordan@the-mac.org


Entrants must be current members or be ready to join The MAC at the time of submission. Membership applications and information about membership benefits can be acquired at www.the-mac.org or by contacting assistant@the-mac.org.

Member Artist Submissions & Requirements

Each artist can submit one artwork as an individual or participate in one collaborative work.

Visual Art

Visual Art (2-D and 3-D) cannot exceed 18-inches in any dimension and must be ready to install on the date of delivery.

Video Art

All video submissions will be screened in succession on one 49” monitor. Videos may not exceed 5 minutes.

Collaborative Works

Please contact The MAC to obtain the criteria for participation and guidelines for collaborative works.

Submission Criteria

Work that does not comply with these requirements will not be accepted. The MAC will not refund membership fees to those that have not complied with the submission guidelines.

  • Dimensions of artwork, including the frame, should not exceed 18-inches in any dimension and video works should not exceed five minutes in duration.
  • Work must be display ready (i.e. 2-D works must have hanging hardware, videos must be on a thumb drive). The MAC reserves the right to reject work that cannot be safely displayed.
  • All works must be labeled with the following information:
  • Artist’s first and last name
  • Title, year completed, media, and duration for video
  • Indication of top of image if necessary for visual art
  • Include a caption sheet with your name, address and contact information at the top left of the page. The caption sheet should include:
  • Name
  • Title
  • Date
  • Dimensions
  • Medium
  • Brief captions or explanatory notes of work
  • Price if the work is for sale

Drop Off Dates & Deadline

Drop off dates are Wednesday, June 21st through Saturday, July 17th 12-5 PM. All entries must be received no later than Saturday, July 17th at 5 PM. Please contact The MAC to set up an appointment to drop off your artwork if these dates/times conflict with your schedule. Out of town artists are welcomed to ship their artwork to The MAC before July 17th – please include paid return shipment or make alternative arrangements for the return of your artwork.

Notification and Return of Work

Artwork will be available for pick up Monday, September 18th through Saturday, September 23rd from 12-5pm. The MAC will send email notification after the closing of the exhibition for all works to be collected.

Due to limited storage space, if your artwork remains after Saturday, September 23rd, The MAC is not liable for loss or damage to your work. Artworks that are not claimed by the lender within thirty (30) days of the exhibition closing (October 16th, 2023) convert to an unrestricted gift to The MAC, provided The MAC has given sufficient notice to the lender of the intention to convert and provided the lender has not made an action to reclaim the loan within those thirty (30) days.


The MAC is not responsible for the loss or damage of works while in transit or works left after the required pick up date. The MAC reserves the right to reproduce images of artwork on The MAC website and in promotional materials or collateral associated with the exhibition.

Submission of work to the exhibit indicates acceptance of conditions stated above.

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