May 2012

robert mateo diago, Disposable Income robert mateo diago, Disposable Income

home•less•bound Art Talk – 07/07/12

2:00-3:00pm: robert mateo diago, Willie Baronet, and Cristella Medrano will discuss their current exhibition, home•less•bound. The MAC is pleased to present home•less•bound, an exhibition by robert mateo diago with Willie Baronet and Cristella Medrano. Using a series of installations, sculpture and … Continue reading

Terry Hays, Sendai

Terry Hays Art Talk – 06/13/12

6:30-7:30pm: Terry Hays will discuss his current exhibition, Irreversible Change. Models for theatrical set designs, images from the comics of Frank Miller and pop up cards of the late 1970´s influence Terry Hays’ exhibition Irreversible Change. Hays views his sculptures … Continue reading